English Copywriter and Proofreader

Hello there. Thanks for visiting my site. I’m Simon, an experienced native English copywriter and proofreader.

Are you struggling to find someone capable of writing accurate, captivating content? Or do you have some copy that ticks most of the boxes but needs proofreading and editing to polish it? Perhaps you’ve had something translated into English, but it is still evident that it is a translation? If any of these scenarios relate to you, we need to have a conversation.

Are you searching for the needle in the haystack?

Undoubtedly, 2020 was a turbulent year, and 2021 is proving to be no better. Thanks to the COVID pandemic, increasing numbers of people have switched to working from home. Many of those have chosen to call themselves copywriters or proofreaders, but just being able to read and write is not enough. Conversely, writing is a skilled art and finding someone capable of completing your project can feel like searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack.

I can help you

Simon Wright Copywriter and ProofreaderI have helped numerous companies and individuals with their content needs, and I can help you too. My client list is diverse and includes language schools, translation agencies, universities, theme parks, companies, e-commerce websites, bloggers and many more.

Before becoming a freelancer, I had a very successful career writing and managing complex contracts for construction and oil companies. Being in the legal sphere, that profession does not tolerate poor writing skills. Without a shadow of a doubt, that career taught me the importance of clear communication and a job well done.

You may be thinking that because of my business background, my writing is always stuffy and formal. Fear not! I have a wicked sense of humour and can write in any tone you need.

So, whatever kind of content you need, I can provide you with a great solution. I create words that people love to read and search engines want them to see.

Despite my mother tongue being British English, I am also very skilled in US English – you can thank my American spouse and years of living overseas for that.

Put the kettle on, and let’s have a chat.

I am sure I can help you with your content needs. But firstly, we need to have a chat, so please get in touch with me to start the ball rolling. In the meantime, if you’d like to see some examples of my work, click here to view my portfolio.

  • “Simon is one of the best people I have worked with on PPH. A really talented copywriter, and completely dedicated to doing a fantastic job. I am so, so pleased with the quality of his work. I really look forward to working with him again. Many thanks, Simon!”
    Joy Adams,
    Owner, Joy Zarine Ltd
  • “I can see how experienced a writer you are! I love the tone, style, content. Well done.”
    Susanne Grassmann
    Founder and Managing Director, edu-RD GmbH
  • “Hi Simon, thank you so much for everything. The text is very well written and you did it within the timeline you announced, well done! I will be back with more projects.”
    Flore Wang
    CEO, Jellynote
  • “Simon was a pleasure to work with and I’d trust him with proof-reading anytime!”
    Melanie Woodward
    Owner, Event Solutions
  • “Simon did a very thorough, thoughtful adaption to UK English. I would gladly hire him again."
    Elliot Roberts
    Owner, Net Captioning
  • “Simon has edited a website for me. I really loved his approach. He was interested in my vision and provided some creative ideas for the text. I simply loved the outcome. I will definitely work with him again!”
    Regina Junajew
    Owner, Multi-Lingualism
  • “Simon is an excellent collaborator, very precise and propositive, flexible and supportive. Highly recommended!”
    Stefania Passamonte
    President, Concert Pianist, Music Director, Broadcaster and Entrepreneur, London Performing Academy of Music
  • “Perfect job and communication. Highly recommended!”
    Jane L
    London Performing Academy of Music
  • “Simon’s professionalism and copywriting skills were to the advantage of both my boutique design studio and social enterprise when I requested his services. His proficiency in the English language, wide vocabulary, and his eye for detail was highly beneficial!”
    Ruba El-Amine
    Founder and Creative Director, Art.Cages
  • “Thank you again for the extremely professional handling of the translation of our terms and conditions. You were very precise in the expression, you asked the right questions and you always reassured yourself at the important points about the translation. Your text reads very fluently, it is not noticeable that it is a translation, in parts it is probably even better than the original text. You see, we were very satisfied, especially because you kept all the appointments. Being able to rely on you completely was a special help, as we were under great time pressure, thank you again for your great translation work!”
    Alexandra Von Rohr
    Owner, Sprachinstitut Treffpunkt Online
  • “I endorse Simon for proofreading, translating, article, content writing, and blog writing. Good and easy work relationship. Thank you!”
    Sebastian Römer
    Managing Director, Move up – Adrenalin in Nature GmbH & Co. KG
  • "Simon is punctual and as usual answers very quickly. He clarifies all unclear points. Recommend him as a good specialist, precise and accurate employee."
    Darya Pozharskaya
    Progressive Technology F.Z.E.
  • "We loved the text and are definitely interested in having you write the text for other pages as the opportunity arises!"
    Mariana Saude
    Community Manager, Jellynote